Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keith and more

The Keith Urban concert ended up being a blast! I drove down Thursday afternoon with enough time to grab some dinner with my fam! Dad took us to bonefish and it was super yummy! Meg and I shared a phenomenal steak! I think its officially one of my most favorite places to eat.

I unfortunately only had my phone camera and not my real one so it would not focus in on his face. Oh well, it was still super fun!
Then on Friday I got to have lunch with some friends I haven't seen in awhile which was fun and I also had an opportunity to visit my grandmother and catch up with her.
Later that night I headed to Conway to see the wonderful French family. Afterwards, Liz and I went to the lake and had dinner with my dad! Aww such sweet dad... Too bad I didn't get a pic of us. I just got one me and Liz.
We played most of the day on the lake

Liz almost surfed! So close! She will for sure get it next time!

I headed home on Saturday and went with marc to the annual northstar picnic. (aka- Marc's company get together)
Sunday, we went to church and to eat at Fish City grill with Katie and Andrew. Since we were already at the promenade, we talked the boys into letting us go shop for a little while, so they went and played golf of course. It's becoming a routine Sunday afternoon thing for those two.

And look who got to come with us shopping!

He was so happy and good the whole time! he loved all of the different colors.
Ahh I just love this little guy so much!

Marc and I are going to keep Sawyer tonight! It should be interesting! Ha! I guess we will see if we can actually handle a baby!!!

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Liz said...


who is that crazy looking girl in the water? Worst picture ever. ;)