Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My "Papa"

My grandfather, Stan Rushin, died Monday morning, September 14, 2009 at 3:19 am.

On Saturday, my grandmother and him had a wonderful day at home together. They slept in late, laid in bed together and played with their 2 little dogs. They also set out on their back porch and watched the birds and squirrels all afternoon. Around 3pm my papa decided to go take out the trash. My grandmother felt like it was taking him an awful lot of time, and she decided to go check on him. When she walked outside, she found him passed out, unconscious and laying in a puddle of blood. She called the ambulance and they rushed him to the hospital. My mom got there a minute after they did, and they said it was a very bad fall and would not let her see them. She called me and my sister hysterically crying telling us to go get my grandmother and to Hurry. It took us 45 minutes to get her ready and get her to the hospital. When we got there, the e.r. doctor came out and said it does not look good. His brain was bleeding and swelling and they were trying their hardest to do what they could.
They think he might of had an aneurysm or something that caused him to fall, because there was no sign of him trying to catch his fall.
On Sunday, September 13, 2009, my grandmother decided it was time to let him go. She told us that they promised each other they would not let each other live as vegetables or on a ventilator. She said it was time to let him go. Of all days this was grandparents day.
My grandmother has so much strength, I have only seen her break down once. She is incredible. They were married 61 years, and they were each others worlds. Their main job was taking care of each other. My papa had Alzheimer's and had been deteriorating these past few years. My grandmother still had the patience of a saint.
They opened their own business, Rushins Upholstery, back in 1962. They called him, "Stan the fabric Man" and he always was handing out business cards. He was such a hard worker. He retired I think 3 different times, and still was at work everyday last week.
He was a sweet, sweet man, sometime temperamental, but always very loving and was a true servant. He was always a jokester and had some awesome one liners!

I will miss his smiling face a ton, but have peace and hopes to see him one day again.

Matthew 5:4- "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted"

These next 2 days will be tough. Visitation is tonight from 6-8 at Little Rock funeral home. The service will be tomorrow at 11:30 at Immanuel Baptist church in Little Rock.

I know a ton of you have been praying for my family, and the prayers are much appreciated and coveted right now! Thank you.


Vicki and Don said...

What a very loving tribute to your grandfather! He would be very proud of you! Like I told your mom "keep his memories in your heart and you will always have a part of him with you".

Kay Daniels said...


I'm so sorry about your grandpa. He was a great man. I remember him from when my dad owned an upholstery shop years ago and bought his fabric from 'Stan the Fabric Man!' I'm sorry I didn't know about it earlier because I would have come to the visitation.

You and your family are in my prayers. I pray you will have God's peace as you walk through this difficult time.