Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This past weekend

We had a great weekend home! Finally! We've been traveling so much it felt nice to stay in Fayetteville. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday morning I took/drug marc to the farmers market. He had never been to it in all of his 8 years living here... So it was definitely time for him to experience! It one of my all time favorite things to do in Fayetteville! The people watching is phenomenal! We then went to uncle gaylords and had breakfast... Yet another cultural experience! If you have been there you know what I'm talking about! It was hilarious! He will not agree so much.
I ended up cleaning our entire house the rest of the day which felt soo good to do.
Marc was mowing the lawn and guess what he found....

Cute little bunnies!

They were precious

But we let them go... Sadness!

And On Sunday we did a lot of this...

Lou was tired from his long walk! Ha! We love us some naps on Sunday!

And that was our weekend! How was yours?!?

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