Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!

I'm officially back to blogging. I took a long break while on Christmas vacation. This year we had an interesting vacation. We started off in Pollard which is where Marc's dad and step mom lives. The we headed to Little Rock. Christmas eve my grandmother went into the hospital and was there until a couple of days ago. So lots of Christmas and New Years was spent sitting in the hospital. Thankfully, she is home now and getting stronger everyday!

Here is our December in Pictures!

New house, New Neighbors!

Matt, Kara, and Boss

2nd annual pizza making


Christmas with Marc's mom and Bear!

Christmas eve with Meg

Christmas a.m.

mom gave dad an ab ball to get ready for the cruise!

one of my fave Christmas presents

He loves his new fleece!

and especially his new game camera

We got lots of hog stuff for Christmas. woo pig. What doesn't belong?!?

New Years Eve 2010

New lake toy!

Big year for the Baker/Yount family this year!
Dad turns the big 5-0
Meg graduates and turns 18!
Mom and dad celebrate 30 yrs of blissful marriage
Marc and I celebrate 5 yrs of blissful marriage!

Happy 2010!