Thursday, April 15, 2010

Springtime Sussies

This past weekend Marc and I got the itch to plant. We walked outside to take Louie for a walk and began looking at our flower beds, which were full of weeds. As we began picking them, a few of our neighbors had pulled up with beautiful flowers to plant in their yards. We quickly decided to not take Louie for a walk and head on over to Lowes along with the rest of Fayetteville. Holy cow there were a ton of people there with the same idea. We got some mulch, did some landscaping around our tree in the front yard, and got stuff to put in my pots. It was so fun and spontaneous.
Here are a couple of the finished products.

here is one of my pots!
1 small tree, some vine and pretty petunias
pot #2- still waiting for the petunias to pop out!
Changed my table runner and centerpiece.
I love changing my table up especially when seasons change!
I'm absolutely loving this springtime weather. I have been playing a ton of tennis and I have started to break out my bike, which I have missed tremendously. It is so hard for me to stay indoors when it is nice outside. Hope you all are loving it as much as I am! Happy Spring!


Lindsay said...

Love your little planters!