Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gift Ideas

Not sure if you like to do some early Christmas shopping, but if you do I have the perfect thing for you!  Amy Hannon over at Sincerely Your Paper is having a swoon-a-palooza of fun gifts that she is selling.
The swanky sooie gifts are definitely my fave since I heart the razorbacks, but she has other things that are great and not Razorback.

Such as Rubber stamps, invitations, note cards etc.
Anyways, go check it all out on her blog, Amy is super talented and has been in several magazines. You have to order by November 1st though! So go now to see all the goodies.


Sandra said...

I'm most certainly doing early Christmas shopping! It's kind of crazy how close we are getting to December. So far, I have bought a couple of gift cards from and some clothrs. Looks like some of the stuff you posted would be good to buy as well!

Amy Nelson Hannon said...

Sister! Thank you for posting my paper goodies on your blog! I appreciate it so much (: