Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Craft night

A few nights ago I had some girls over for a fun night of painting pumpkins. We all got a couple pumpkins a piece and then I pulled out the trusty ole chalkboard paint. I had a few skeptics about this project once we began painting, but in the end it turned out good and they were happy with the end result!

Rachael is a little unsure about the black pumpkins

monogrammed with chalk for Marc and Michelle..awww

this one Louise did with paint pens for her and Ben

my finished products!

We also made yummy caramel apples! This was a caramel apple kit. It came with the caramel, parchment paper, and sticks. The caramel was so yummy and draped perfectly over the apple.

unfortunaltely we cut them before I snapped a pic
they were still yummy though!

This was such a fun and easy fall craft. It would be fun for kids too, especially since chalk is easy to erase. It is pretty cheap as well. I bought my chalkbaord paint at Lowes a few months ago to make my framed chalkboard if you remember. It cost about $12 and then throw in a couple of $2-3 pumpkins makes for a fun, cheap craft! I still have a ton of paint left over, so it goes a long way.