Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Meg!

Today is my sis' 19th birthday! I know this sounds cheesy, but it does just seem like yesterday that I was trying to figure what to name my real life "baby-doll." We are just about 8 years apart, so I felt like I waited forever for a sibling. I wanted one so bad I even had make-believe friends (don't judge me, I was a lonely, only child!) My parents really did let me name her... I have no clue why, but they did. I seriously treated her like my own child. She slept in my room until she got to "cool" for that. I was so happy to have a sibling, but because I was so much older, I also tried to be her boss, which did not work out so well. She did not appreciate having 2 moms (and probably still doesn't.) I feel so old now that she is in college, but oh so thankful to be living int he same city with her. She is amazing. She has a great heart and has such a love for others. I'm looking forward to these next few years of growing closer together.

So Happy 19th Birthday Meg!

 meg and her baby, Bruiser

A look back from this past year...

I love you Meg!


jill said...

happy birthday, meg! y'all are just about the most precious sisters ever!! and the cake. i die. yum!