Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new Obsession

Meet Mr. Dolce Gusto.

He is my new found love in my kitchen

He makes me yummy lattes in the mornings
when my eyes won't open.

He has many other great flavors, such as the vanilla macchiato latte, cappuccino, or mocha!
He can make hot, cold, or decaf beverages.
I love him.

Ok for real though, this thing is awesome. I'm not a regular coffee drinker. If I do partake in any type of regular black coffee, it is because I'm simply desperate to wake up and by the time I get finished doctoring it up, it looks like milk. On the other hand, I do love me some starbucks mochas and lattes. Since the Keruigs have come out with their fancy "pod" technology, I have thought to myself (well over a year now) someone should really invent one of those machines that can make lattes and mochas.
Well Marc and I were at Walmart right after Christmas because we had some gift cards burning a hole in our pockets and lo and behold I came across this little beauty and was in love instantly. I was so happy to have finally found something that would instantly make me a latte.
Now I went home that night and did my research on this thing, because I didn't want to buy some crap machine. I looked at all the reviews on several different sites, and I honestly could not find one bad review. Everyone rant and raved about this one particular brand. So I was instantly sold. I ordered it online from, because they were currently out in the store (side note, site to store is awesome, free shipping). I made my first one last week and it really was yummy and had a great taste to it. How it works is that a box of pods comes with 16, 8 coffee and 8 milk pods. Its a 2 step process. You put the coffee pod in, then the milk pod. It steams the milk and voila you have an awesome latte. It literally takes 2 minutes and it makes about 7oz.
I promise I'm not getting paid for this, I just really was impressed with this machine. You can check it all out at
They also have other styles that are larger than the one I have and they look really cool!


Dawn said...

Sounds awesome, but do they have soy milk pods? I am allergic to dairy...


Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

OK, how much was this thing, and do you think it would convert to a 220 volt? Could you check the plug? I might have to get one for my birfday!! Yumm!