Sunday, March 6, 2011

A great reminder

Don't worry I'm still alive, this week has been pretty crazy at work and it seems like we had something every night this past week.
Okay Enough excuses....

The other day Marc's sweet stepdad, aka my father-in-law called to see if he could bring me something. I was thinking it was going to be food related because he is an amazing cook.
Instead of something food related, it was this:

There is a story that goes along with this coin. He said that Marc's mom gave it to him when he was looking for a job, well he eventually found a job that he really loved and this coin was a great encouragement to him while he was searching. While at this job, he met a guy and him and his wife had trouble getting pregnant and experienced 3 miscarriages. So he decided to pass this coin on to his co-worker while they were experiencing a difficult time. His co-worker's wife kept it in her wallet for years, and every time she opened it up saw this great reminder of Mark 10:27. They now have 2 healthy children.
Well the other day Keith decided to ask him if he still had it, and the guy did. Keith said he had someone in mind to pass it on too, which is me! The guy mailed it to him and Keith brought it over and shared this sweet story with me.
It was so special that he took the time to bring that over to share with me. It is a great reminder for me to have hope in the Lord. I hope someday I can pass that along as well.
Have a great week!


oh little leah said...

Crying right now - what a sweet, sweet gift! Love you guys!

Sarah Frost said...

What a sweet, sweet story. I am praying for you daily, Michelle. God is with you.....Mrs. F.

Lauren Lashlee said...

What a special coin and story!! Definitely teared up with this post. Praying for you guys!