Sunday, March 27, 2011

A week of Babies

This week was full of babies being born! 2 of my best friends had their babies just days apart.

It began tuesday with our friends, the Hartnesses. They welcomed their first baby in this world.
Meet Ellery: She weighed 7.4 and was 20 1/4 in long. We are so excited for them and feel like we are a part of their family. We can't wait to spoil her and then send her home!

She is such a cutie and we love her so much already!

On Friday night we got word that our friends, The Smiths were having their baby. She was in labor and actually having a home birth, so a few of us went over and took some candy, flowers, and balloons to their house. Well my friend Katie and I ended up staying and made a cake since all her family was coming in. She was progressing pretty quickly, so we just decided we would stay until she had him! We actaully got to be around while she had him and it was such an incredible experience. Aubrey was such a trooper and labored without any drugs whatsoever. It was inpressive for sure. It was a really neat experience that I will never forget. He was born at 3:26am and we stayed til about 4:45. Needless to say, everyone is tired!
Meet Shepherd: He weighed 7.14 and was 21in long.

We are super excited for our friends and we are so grateful for healthy babies. They truly are miracles from God. Now we will just continue to wait for our little miracle!

side note- i think blogger is messed up, so if the pictures are not displaying properly click in the box and they should pop up. Sorry, not sure how to fix this.