Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our little Vacay

Marc and I just got back from Keystone, Co.! We had such a blast getting away and spending some time together. It was perfect, everything about the trip. We had a blast skiing together an we were able to keep up with each other the whole time. We had some amazing food and amazing ski weather. It actually had snowed the 3 days before we got there so we had fresh powder and nicely groomed slopes. The second day we skied was beautiful, it was sunny and about 50 degrees . We missed all the spring breakers, which was fabulous not to have to wait in any lines and we had most runs to ourselves.

Funny side story about Marc- While we were waiting in line at the airport to go through security, there was a lady of another color and she said to me "honey, yo husband is HOTT, why don't you just come over here while I open this line up for y'all, oh and you're pretty cute too!" HA, that made me laugh so hard. I told her I though he was pretty cute myself and to back off (ok not really that last part)

 we love us some Colorado

 Another side story- the 1st night we arrived, we got there super late and got to where we were staying which is not at all what we thought it wold be. It was so AWFUL. First of all it had a murphy bed, you know the ones that fold up into the wall. It felt like a brick. Secondly, it was hot as a mug, no a.c. in Co apparently. Thirdly, it was so windy that the howling kept us awake all night. It almost sounded like a woman screaming. So at 6am, we called and said we have to move rooms, so they said for $15 they could upgrade us to a much nicer resort. Praise Jesus. It was the best $15 we could have ever spent. Seriously!
Before Upgrade:

this little condo that was super nice and cozy.

 the view from our balcony

Our last night we went in to Breckenridge and ate at a yummy pizza place and then shopped around. The town is so cute and we found a super cute cupcake shop and got these yummy little treats for later!

All in all it was a wonderful trip. I absolutely love vacations and this was just what we needed. I feel incredibly refreshed and feel like I can survive another month of this battle with infertility.