Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shellac is where its at!

I'm so dead serious. This stuff is just simply amazing! I've been hearing about it for over a month now, and finally got to do it this past weekend in Little Rock. I had been dying to get it done.

So if you haven't heard about it yet, you are about too!
 It takes the same amount of time as a regular manicure. The only difference is, in between each coat, you stick your hand in this uv light that dries the polish quickly and hardens it. It's actually a gel polish and the light cures it. After 5 minutes under the light after the last coat, you are on your way to digging in your purse and driving. The only difference is you get NO scratches. I just keep looking for scratches everyday, and can't find a one. I'm on day 6 and there isn't one anywhere. And I got a french manicure, those always go the quickest! It is also supposed to come off super easy with regular nail polish remover. It cost about $15 more than a normal manicure, but I think worth it because it stays on so much longer!

I really would like to invest in a UV light and some cnd shellac polish and do it myself! So if you are treating yourself to a mani or pedi try you out some Shellac and see what you think!
Guys- You should buy your wife a gift card (wink...wink)!

I'm not getting paid for this... Promise!


Lindsay said...

I love and want this! looks great!

the Fords said...

see... i told you it is amazing!!! im glad you got it

Lauren Lashlee said...

I agree!! I tried this last fall and have not gone back.. its the best!