Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Louie

So if you have ever been to our house you have met our lovely and lively dog, Louie. I begged and begged for this dog. After about a year of begging and moving into a house, Marc finally caved. I saved my $$ for awhile and then I went and got him in little rock. Well as I chose him, he came barreling out of the cage, running over his sweet brother and then proceeded to run circles around the living room. Pretty sure he had completed 5 by the time his brother came out. My mom did ask several times if I was sure I wanted this one...
Anyways, Louie keeps us on our toes daily. He is loud, doesn't get along with other dogs, neurotic and then occasionally very snuggly. Marc continually asks me when we can get rid of him. I say until we have a child because it would be way too boring and quiet without him.

Being his crazy self, he tried to attack this little vacuum the other day while I was using it. So I got it out again to see if he would do the same thing, and he did. We thought it was hilarious, so I had Marc video it!

Warning: turn your volume down on your phone or computer. He is small, but very LOUD!

The odd thing is, is that when I regularly use the Dyson he NEVER does that. He is definitely one little peculiar guy.
Any takers? Kidding...kind of!


Linds said...

LOL. He is just like my parents dog! It's so funny how dogs have different personalities. They really are like little kids!

The Slonekers said...

Ha! Burt just came running in the room as soon as I started playing this video to see where the barking was coming from! :)