Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reasons to Laugh

In the midst of dealing with infertility, I found this blog called 999 reasons to laugh at infertility. Its a little cynical, but it does make me laugh and it unfortunately has a lot of truth behind each of the posts. Here is one that I recently have enjoyed and have read several times.

So what if your uterus’ isn’t behaving! Who cares if your husband’s sperm has more tails than a dog! It doesn’t matter if you’re tubes have no idea how to fallop! Don’t feel sorry for us! There are lots of positive aspects to being an infertile such as….
(1) No awkward sex talk to your future children! Explaining the birds and the bees to our children will be fun! “Little Tommy, when a mommy and a daddy love each other they drive to a fertility clinic and 4 years later, you are conceived with a lot of love and a little test tube.”
(2) By the time you are pregnant, your friends are already finished having kids. You can borrow all their baby stuff (even if they are stained with poop and vomit).
(3) During IVF or IUI, your partner doesn’t even have to be present during conception! Just send him a quick text once it’s done. “Honey, we did it! How was it for you?”
(4) When you go to sleep at night, you still get to sleep through the night.
(5) You get to cry about infertility in random places. Why go to a boring old grocery store if you’re just going to shop. Yawn. Boring. Having a emotional breakdown in the tampon aisle, now that’s interesting!
(6) Your friends all offer to let you have their bratty kids. Great! So don’t be surprised and call the police when you take them. You had a verbal agreement.
(7) When you’re quintuplets arrive, you might get your own television show called IVF Mama Plus Five!
(8) You get to have surgery to help improve your fertility…. The positive side? The hospital offers these delicious pudding cups for lunch! Lip-smacking!
(9) Your friends have stretch marks, sagging breasts and wrinkles. You only have weight gain and acne due to fertility medication.
(10) Whoever said infertility was awful obviously never met your hot fertility doctor! He can inseminate you anytime!
This post was taken from here:
They really do all make me laugh, which is way better than crying in my mind.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, that seriously made me "LOL". I needed to read that today. I'm coming over from Kelly's Korner and am experiencing a 2nd round of infertility problems. Praise be to God that we have our miracle daughter, Preslei but we have been trying for baby #2 for a year now and decided to start Clomid again in April. Please know I will pray for you as well.