Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quads Shower

This past weekend I was able to help host my best friends shower in Little Rock. This was a fun first for me for helping host a quads shower! Never thought I would get to do that. The theme was elephants and the number 4 of course!

party favor table... peanuts for the little peanuts

food table: chick-fil-a nuggetts, elephant cookies, fruit kabobs, cupcakes, animal crackers

 4 cute elephant onesies

I made this banner from a cricut machine! I love those things!

door wreath with all the girls names on them! 4 girls!

4 "I'm special plates w/ their names on them! So precious. this is from the "Sincerely Yours" etsy shop.

Besties for a very long time! I called her mother Mare for a reason!

So many cute, girly clothes

Another fun detail that I missed a picture of was that we did a basket of bedrest survival supplies since she will have to be on hospital bedrest for several weeks. I think that would be fun to have little presents to open while in the hospital and hopefully it can brighten her day and stay!
Happy shower Mare! Love you.


If you didn't see my post about her story, you can read it HERE!