Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lately {in Pics}

First, I'm sorry I have done a terrible job of blogging lately. I just feel like life has been pretty dullish and not lots going on. This is a first. I have also felt very un-inspired to write about stuff. Not because I'm not thinking about it, but I felt I was starting repeat myself a lot and it was starting to get old. Taking a break has been great though in a lot of ways. So I'm glad I did, but left you all in the dark I guess and I fell bad about that.
I promise after I get back from vacay I will do a complete update about everything and where we are and what we are thinking.

Secondly, Here is our life in pics from the past several weekends:

-Marc and I tried a new little bakery close to our area and it was delightful and so cute! We will definitely be going back to Briar Rose! The brunch was delicious. Apparently they make amazing cakes as well.
-My absolute FAVORITE donut shop opened in our town. Let me just say I grew up on Shipley donuts. My dad got them for us just about ever saturday a.m. Ahh they are me and my sis' fave! So glad we finally got one. Although my heart is happy, my butt will not be. Yikes.

Our good friends, The Blaggs had a new, baby girl and we got to go visit them in the hospital! She is so cute and looks very similar to her Big sister. I feel like we were just at the hospital meeting Lyla for the first time.

-I "pretended" to be my sisters mom on "Mom's day" for her sorority a couple of weekends ago because my mom wasn't able to make it. That was fun. Oh and yes I had people actually ask me if I was her mother. Umm yeah I had her 20 yrs ago. NOT. Although, I did definitely help raise her and name her.
-We also attended a fun dress-up birthday party. Obviously the boys went all out.

Lastly, I actually FINALLY figured out how to wear my hair curly. I'm really bad at hair, but one day I let it dry completely natural and it had tons of wave in it. then I just curled a few pieces to make it look not as frizzy. Sorry for the weird look on my face. I guess I was still wondering if it looked good or not :) Thoughts? It was probably easier than straightening it!

And there you have it. Our boring life in Pics! I know, you are elated.
So until late next week, I will be vacationing from blogging as well. Don't be too sad, I will be soaking up some sun and can't wait for some R&R!


Brittany said...

I love it! I think it looks great! I always like to try new things with my hair!

Sarah Autry said...

Kudos on the curly hair! Mine never looks that good naturally, even with a little assistance from the curling iron. I say go for it more often!

Pennie Pastor said...

I agree! I like it too! :)

Ashley said...

Can't wait to hear all about what is going on! I hope you are well ;)

kate said...

Love the curly hair and love that we had the same tradition at Shipley's on Saturday mornings! I'll be making the trek to Fayetteville soon! Have a GREAT trip!!! Let's do lunch when you get back!

Laura said...

Have a wonderful time on vacation. The curls look great. I wish my hair would do that.

waiting and wishing said...

I've been wondering about you! I'm glad to see that life is just truckin' along- Have so much fun on your trip :)

Linds said...

I LOVE your hair! I have this weird "new hair growth" thing going on and it looks AWEFUL. Even Brayden laughed at me and told me I looked silly... that's when you know it's bad! ha!

T's Mommy said...

I would recommend Aveda's Be Curly! It is A M A Z I N G product!

Emily Richardson said...

LOVE the curls!