Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our miracle

After getting the positive blood tests and re-confirming 2 more times, we waited 2 weeks to see the little nugget. I really wasn't too nervous when we went in other than finding out if we would be having twins or not. My gut feeling initially was that it was 1 and I'll go ahead and say, I feel like it might be a girl. Marc's prediction that there were for sure 2 and they would both be boys... So far I'm right. We were still a little sad that one of the embryos didn't make it, we really wanted them both to survive, but God had other plans.
As soon as we had the ultrasound you could see the teensie heart flickering and we were beyond thrilled. She also re-assured me that seeig the heartbeat this early was a great thing. It decreases our chances down to 3% od iscarrying she said, which was very surprising to me. Although, I know nothing in this life is a guarantee. All that to say looking at these pictures make me feel in such awe. I can't quit staring at them! That day seeing the baby was one I will also never forget. It was so surreal and I could not stop smiling.

6W1D (6 weeks 1 day)

Just the size of a piece of rice! And we saw the heartbeat flickering!

Our second ultrasound, we had to wait 4 weeks, and it felt like a whole year had gone by. I was so nervous this second time. I knew the past 4 weeks had been so critical and lots of times it either grows or doesn't. I was terrified. Plus we had to wait for forever. They also were not going to do and US, but since she couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler thing, she let us have one because she could see the worry all over my face! Ha. I'm pretty sure Marc's whole body was shaking by this time. Finally we got to see that sweet little thing. The heart was beating great and her guestimate was around 150ish bpm.


It is now the size of a strawberry! I could not believe the growth in 4 weeks. Seriously such a miracle.

I'm still so humbled about everything. Thank you all for rejoicing with us and following our journey. we are so grateful and our hearts feel like they could burst!


SarahB said...

We are so excited for you guys! Stephen and I are praying for the three of you!!

Sara said...

I'm so thrilled to be reading these kinds of posts from you! Your baby IS truly a miracle from God. :)

Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

So very exciting. Loved the baby footprints. Congrats!

Laura said...

I am so happy for you guys. What a beautiful miracle you have:)

Vicki and Don said...

Absolutely LOVED seeing the pictures! Can't wait to see the baby as she/he grows! I know your parents are beyond thrilled! Don't forget to take pictures as *you* grow too! I am so happy for ALL of you! :-)

the Pulleys said...

Seriously SUCH a miracle indeed! So excited for you guys! Thank you God for this blessing.

Anita Bell said...

I can remember this stage in Julee's pregnancy. We were in awe just seeing the ultrasound pictures and just so very thankful to God for entrusting Julee with this gift. Never for one moment did we take the greatness of it for granted. Even today, as we are enjoying baby smiles, I thank God each day for Preslee.
When you have infertility issues, you can never give up hope! Miracles do happen! I am so excited for you and will keep the prayers going up!

Nora Amala said...

Its wonderfol to read your excitement! Yes, it is a miracle. Actually, it is everytime a women gets pregnant - but its so important to see it. And so I enjoy watching you celebrating your personal miracle!