Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Heavy Heart

A week ago last Tuesday night is when I heard multiple sirens flying down a road close to my neighborhood. There were so many that my neighbor (who happens to be one of our best friends) decided to go look to see where they went. He couldn't find them, but soon later learned they were going to a couple in their community groups home. Their precious son of 14 mos old had been down napping and never woke up.
The autopsy came back with nothing, meaning there was nothing they could have done whatsoever.
Matt, our neighbor and friend called me extremely upset asking if I could come down and watch their daughter. So I ran down there so he could go be with his wife and their friends at the hospital.
Marc and I set in disbelief that this had really happened. These were people our age, we went to college with the dad, Nate. They went to our church, their son was a ring bearer in his aunts wedding on the previous Saturday (side note: the aunt met her husband from He was laughing, dancing, and full of life just 3 days before.

Yesterday was the funeral. It was gut wrenching. I just kept thinking no one should have to bury a baby. It's not fair. But then again life isn't fair and its all on His timing since this is our temporary home.
The amazing mother and father read sweet letters to their baby. I don't know how they did that. Seriously, that took incredible strength. And while we were singing songs of praise, she raised her hand praising the Lord. I just don't know if I would be able to do that. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of his sweet, short life. Throughout this entire nightmare, they have not ceased praising Him which I think is giving God so much glory.

Please consider giving to this sweet memorial fund for this young family that is hurting and will continue to hurt. If you can't give, please keep them in your prayers.

You can also donate through paypal here:
If you ant to read a sweet blog post from his Aunt Savannah:


Ashley said...

Oh that is horrible!! You are right, no one should have to bury thier baby!! I will kepp them in my prayers

ty said...

I've been to school and church with Amy and Nathan since junior high school. My heart aches for them.

Morgan Chandler said...

Here's Amy's blog post - if you haven't read it. :(