Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

We've had a fabulous time being home this weekend. Nesting is full swing happening in the Yount household. It feels so wonderful to clean, organize and get rid of stuff. The house feels way better and we are obviously having to make some room!

I was also able to enjoy my first-last Razorback game of the season. I'm pretty sure I barely made it in due to walking up a huge hill in the heat! I know it's the biggest workout I've accomplished since being preggo. My feet were HUGE afterwards, but it was worth it to see the hogs play! I absolutely love going to the games. Marc and I don't buy season tickets but usually get to enjoy a few of the games throughout the season.
Me and sis

I love seeing the players run through the big "A."

I also got to see my friend that was in town from Dallas and sit w/ her and her family.
(please excuse my nastiness, the sweat made me swell horrible)

I also went flea marketing with my friend Racahel on Friday. We found some goods that I was super excited about!
I found this piece for our "multi-purpose" room. I really needed a place to store toys and other things and this was the perfect size and color. It was only $40 so I was pumped! Can't wait to show you the before and afters of this room. It has completely transformed from an office to a playroom/extra bedroom.

I also found this incredible buffet piece for one of my friends. She went back and got it later that night. It was such a steal and looks amazing in her house! She had been looking awhile for one. It even came with the mirrors. Very ornate and beautiful.

Anyways its been a fabulous past 3 days off! So thankful for a few days at home with Marc. We are at the 6 week mark so we are definitely soaking up our time together.


Michelle said...

Where did you go to find these pieces? My mom and best friend live in NWA and I need to send them to look for stuff like that! (Love the curtains in the playroom)