Thursday, September 27, 2012

An ER visit and a Date change!

Sunday I officially became 36 weeks. That feels amazing to have made it this far. I thought for sure I would be on bed rest and in a lot of pain by this point, or that I would have had pre-term labor by now.
I have still been feeling good, just get a little more tired throughout the day. I still don't think I have experienced 1 braxton hicks contraction, maybe I have and didn't notice, who knows. Either way, I'm so very thankful. All the fears I've had from the beginning, the Lord has showed up in a big way and took care of every single one of them.
Yesterday I went in for the weekly appointment. For the past 3 weeks, I've been having NST's (non stress tests). This monitors the baby's heart rate while she is active. If you are wondering how they get her to move in case she isn't... they zap me with this little zapper! Ha, and then she usually freaks out.
All is well with her, but yesterday while I was there my blood pressure was a little high and they were a bit concerned. So they checked it 3 times while I was there, then my doctor decided I needed to go downstairs to the ER for more monitoring, blood work and blood pressure checks. After a few hours all was fine. For a little bit I was super concerned that they were going to want to go ahead and deliver me right then and there.Thankfully it came down after a couple of hours. I'm thinking it spiked after I met with the scheduler and moved the due date up to OCT 8th!!! That is soo soon, 11 days to be exact!
Last Friday I went to see the maternal fetal specialist and he is the one that decided to make this call. He felt that Maren is completely out of space and she is just too cramped to grow much more. She is also going to be on the smaller/shorter side. She will for sure be under 6lb's. Last Friday she was weighing in at 4.9lb, so I'm hoping this past week and next week, she decides to fatten up! Either way we can't wait to meet our itty bitty. 

36 weeks

Super cute onesie made by "Milk and honey Tees"

And the swing all completed!

This past weekend I freaked out a little knowing that the due date was going to get pushed up. I just can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by and that its almost over. I'm completely freaking out thinking that I have not a clue on how to take care of a newborn. I've seen many of friends do this, but how can one actually be ready to take on this large of a responsibility?!
I'm completely treasuring my last moments with Marc. I've been spoiled with my Marc time over the past 7 years so I'm very aware that is about to change in a big way. He is so excited and not worried at all, which always helps keeps me calm.
11 DAYS I get to be a mom and I couldn't be more excited and thankful for such a huge blessing.


Ashley said...

Wow that is sooo soon!!! Praying for an easy time between now and then!!!

Vicki and Don said...

So excited for you! Maren will be here before you know it. It's an amazing experience...the very first time you hold her in your arms! Can't wait to meet her!

Green Girl said...

Been following your journey to this sweet girl! Can't wait to see a picture of her....
(I was born at 5 pounds....perfectly healthy...just little...still am!)

Mindy said...

yay, yay, yay!!!!! Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

Oct. 8th is my due date too :)
As for taking care of a newborn -- NOBODY is ever ready. It's such a life changer that there isn't anything you can do to prep for it. And that's the good news -- none of us know/knew what we're doing!

E said...

So exciting. Nope, none of us knew what to do the first time we became mommas!
Pray a lot, sleep when you can, and don't be afraid to ask for help!