Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maternity pics and an update

Last week was a big one for us. We had 2 doctors appointments, a maternity shoot and a quick trip to Little Rock!
Our good friend Maura, took the pics and she did amazing. She was super quick which is great because Marc is not a huge fan of pictures! Ha. But he was a good sport. Pictures mean so much to me especially not knowing if we will have another opportunity to be pregnant again, so I was thankful to get a few!

We also got to see our little one too, which is always a treat. We went to the specialist and everything looks great still. She is measuring a tad short, but I suppose that should be expected with her parents being super short. We also spoke with the anesthesiologist this week about delivery. They let us know that the best way will be to put me all the way under. Unfortunately my back is surrounded with rods, so they don't feel comfortable messing with it or even attempting a spinal block. Marc will not be able to be in the operating room, nor will I be awake, but we have been expecting this all along. We know that its less than ideal, but now we know how to pray and prepare. If this is the worst thing that has to happen, we will gladly take it. She will only be in there at the most 5 minutes for while I'm under so we feel good about it and trust they are making the right decisions. As far as my back, it has held up so much better than any of us ever thought. I keep saying I think it may feel better than it did before I was pregnant. It is truly a miracle and we are so thankful because we thought I may be on bed rest at this point. Only 5 more weeks till we meet this kid and we couldn't be more excited!


Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

That is a HUGE miracle! Love your pictures. You look beautiful!

Carrie said...

Your pictures are so cute! Ok, this is going to sound weird...but your belly button looks so cute, too! I always wanted mine to pop out but it just got flat. You have a great attitude about everything! Not much longer :)

Holly said...

You look beautiful!

Michelle said...

Sending you so many good thoughts Michelle! I had such a hard time at the thought of a c-section at first, but my mom pointed out that getting the baby out the safest way possible for both of us was the best thing you can do.

Linds said...

she has the CUTEST little nose ever! So excited for you and Marc to get to meet her!