Monday, October 29, 2012

3 weeks

Well our little one is already 3 weeks old and i've managed to only do 1 blogpost since we've been home. Needless to say, our hands are full along with our hearts. It has been wonderful along with the adjusting to no sleep whatsoever. We are still trying to learn the "parent" ropes and trying to figure out her little personality and her patterns.
She is eating much better and last monday was back to her birth weight which is wonderful. Getting her to eat is sometimes still a challenge, but for the most part she wakes up every 3 hours on the dot. We had a few late afternoons/nights of not knowing how to sooth her and lots of crying. The past few days have been great though.

We have gotten out quite a bit with her because she mostly sleeps and it helps me to feel somewhat normal. I feel great and haven't been sore at all from the c-section which i'm very thankful for.

This cracks me up. Dad getting in from the woods.

Sleeping beauty

Last week we got to do some newborn pics! It took 5 hours, but our photog is incredible and the shots we got are going to be amazing. Can't wait to do a post on those.

Maren also had her first play date with her friend Rooney who is 4 months!

Attended a 1st b-day party and got to meet another miracle baby Olivia. You can read her story HERE.


even this cutie couldn't help the hogs win :(

2 of Marens favorite aunts!

Auntie Jen came all the way from Austin to meet her and to help out her tired parents. She is seriously such a saint and helped us tremendously. She even took some middle of the night feedings for us. She had to leave us this morning and now we are all very sad.

So there are our past 3 weeks! Its been a whirlwind but absolutely amazing and we are grateful. I still can't get over that we get to keep her. I keep saying I feel like this is a test run or something and that she isn't actually ours. But she is and we get to be parents and we love it!


emily said...

She's beautiful and you look fantastic!!

Michelle said...

Thank you! :)

Vicki and Don said...

Can't believe she is 3 weeks old already! She is still adorable! You'll catch up on your sleep...soon! It's all worth it in the end but I know you know that! :-)