Thursday, October 4, 2012

Missing my High School Reunion

Soo a little background...
I grew up in Little Rock and went to a small, private Christian school from K-12th grade. Yes I realize that is not normal and a very long time to attend the same school. I graduated with 55(ish) people and absolutely loved my school. They day we graduated was bittersweet, knowing I wouldn't get to see several of these people I had spent everyday with for the past several years of my life. I'm the one that was counting down till the 10 yr reunion after my freshman year of high school! I know...lame. But our class was pretty close, diverse none the less, but super fun.
Overall I would say I had a pleasant High School experience. I had really close friends, who I'm still close with to this day even though none of us live in the same town now.
I loved playing sports! I played softball, volleyball, and a little soccer. If powder puff football was an option, I definitely would have played that if it had been available but seeing that our school was so small, we didn't get a football team until after I graduated.
I'm very grateful to my parents for making the sacrifice that they did to allow me to go to a private school my entire school career. Those things aren't cheap and they had to sacrifice in a big way for me and my sis to be able to go there. If I had not gone there, I would have done horrible in college and probably failed in a lot of other areas as well.

All this to say, my high school reunion is a few days after I have Maren. I seriously just laugh at the timing because if she was already here or coming 2 weeks after, I would be there. Since i'm having a c-section I won't be able to do it and I have just been so sad about it. I do realize that what I'm about to experience will be soo much better than a reunion, but still I have looked forward to it since the day we left school, so its just hard to believe I won't be able to make it. Although I do feel better knowing that 2 of my best friends won't be able to be there either, so at least I won't miss having to see them. It does ease the pain a little. I keep trying to tell myself I have the whole thing overrated anyways and reunions aren't even that fun. ;)

At least I got to experience Marc's last year so I can say we at least made it to one! For now, I will just continue to wait 10 more years to see everyone! I hear the 20 years are way more fun!

To all my high school friends, have so much fun and I will miss you all a ton!