Monday, October 1, 2012

Remembering back

I've been thinking a lot and remembering back to this time last year. A year ago I was just starting the ivf process. It really seems just like it was a few weeks ago and that time was creeping by. Since I have been pregnant, time has literally flown by. I remember going to a razorback game this time last year and my mom giving me my first shot in the bathroom of the stadium. I felt excited and scared all at the same time.
I wrote this post on starting it all:
I also think back to the yucky feelings I had and just how I felt like I walked around in a fog everyday. I didn't love being around people and especially people with kids. It was so hard to walk through life never knowing if it we were ever going to have children. It was a battle and definitely not a fun one. I was mad at having to go through what I did but super thankful at the same time. I was thankful we were given the opportunity to do ivf and that we had good insurance. Through every bit of it, God had His hand on every detail and revealed himself to us in so many ways. It changed us both for the better and we will always be thankful for that. At the end of last October is when we did our first transfer which was unsuccessful. The funny thing about it all is that we technically conceived in October and we will have a baby in October.
That should be a fun story to explain to our daughter one day and also try to explain why we "froze" her :). I like to tell people we have 1 in the oven and 1 in the freezer. I'm sure I sound crazy, but it's all true.

I'm just absolutely overwhelmed as we start our week countdown today to meeting our daughter. We feel blessed, excited and overwhelmed to be where we are.

I just want to encourage those that may be starting this process to not give up hope and try and keep your heads up and not get discouraged with the process. It can and does work! Always feel free to email me if you ever have a question, need me to pray for you or you just need to vent!

Thanks to all those that have followed our journey so far. We are thankful and appreciate each sweet email, comment or prayer. You will have no idea what that meant to me during the entire process.


E said...

I'm excited for you as you prepare to brin sweet Maren into the world. Your life is about to drastically change, but it's a sweet change. Always keep your lIfe in this order: Jesus, hubby, babies. :)
Praying for peace and contentment this week!!!

Alana said...

I have done the shots in Razorback stadium as well. :) Felt like a drug dealer!

Danielle ( said...

I found your blog from reading another blog and I just wanted to tell you how totally happy I am for you! My story is somewhat similar in that I did 7 IVFs in total- none successful. I adopted my daughter in October of 2004 and my second daughter in May of 2010-we had both at birth. When my May baby was 6 weeks old we found out I was pregnant with my third daughter! God is so amazing and has blessed us beyond comprehension! I can relate to every feeling you have had regarding the reality of carrying a baby and FINALLY being a mom!!! Best of luck to you both!! Girls are VERY special!!!!!