Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As a mom of a baby girl, headbands are obviously a must! I mean they are just so darn fun. My husband had one request when finding out we were having a girl and he said, "please no large bow headbands/hairbows!... Obviously we had to break the rules, well at least a few times in her life she needs to go all out, especially for special occasions!
My moms sweet friend made this fun, cute Christmas bow/headband for her. She has an awesome etsy site and makes beautiful headbands. She can also make pieces for weddings or any other special occasions. You can check out her site HERE. Her shop site is called Princess Puddleduck which I think is adorable.

This isn't the greatest picture of her, but its a super cute headband on her in person. Plus her head needs to grow a little to fit in it! It's also princess puddleduck.

I can't wait to use it for Easter!

Another place I like to get bows is PolkaDot Posies. All headbands are $4 or less, and they have some pretty cute ones. Some are more on the simple side and then some are designer. I really like the simplicity of their site.

This pink one is from good ole target. Classic bow style you can't go wrong with one!

Sorry Dad, I like my headbands so they are
sticking around!


Riley Hill said...

love the bows! she it too cute!

Kt said...

She is a cutie pie but I am with Marc on the headbands for babies!