Saturday, February 2, 2013

Transfer Anniversary

So it has now been exactly 1 year since we did our 2nd transfer and 1 year since Maren has been in our life. Wow so much has changed in a year! Obviously for the better!
I wrote a detailed post here:
It seems like a long time ago, but also it feels like just yesterday that I was seeing those sweet words "pregnant" on a pee stick. Still a day that I will never ever forget!
I'm still sad that we transferred 2 and lost 1 baby. I honestly think about that baby a lot, especially now that we have Maren. I wonder if it was a he or she. I also wonder how I would be handling twins right now, but hey I wouldn't know any different!

Here was Maren and her brother or sisters home for 3 months :) This was our souvie they told us! Ha. Most expensive souvenir we've ever bought. (kidding of course)
We still have one more frozen embryo in which we call "the frozen feller." We do like to do that just for fun. But we think about him/her a lot too. We have no idea when we will do another transfer but we are thankful to have one more try. We also feel bad for keeping it frozen for too long. I know its fine, it just feels weird sometimes to think about.
What a whirlwind of a year it has been. We have been so blessed with a sweet, healthy daughter and are thankful to be her parents. I'm also so very thankful that I was able to have such a healthy, great pregnancy. It was amazing and all the worries that we(including the dr's) had were squashed and nothing bad happened! Jesus has taught me a ton through it all and it forever changed us.
We are forever grateful and thankful.