Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1st getaway!

I'm way behind on posting but didn't want to forget some fun things that are happening!
On Valentines afternoon, my hubby got to take a 1/2 day of vacay and we headed off to Branson! We were blessed with a free night at Big Cedar and it worked out to where my parents were actually coming in town to see Maren anyways, so we decided to get away for 24hrs. It was much needed and such a blast. We were missing our sweetie by the end though. 2 nights would probably have been too much, but 1 night was perfect and we made the most of it.
We actually had several couple friends that were already there so we got to hang out with them as well. We got to have a nice, quiet romantic dinner alone and a lovely brunch at the Worman house. It was all so delicious. Marc and I decided that we see each other a lot more at home, but we are so distracted with Maren that we rarely have intentional conversations with one another so it was important for us and our marriage to take some time to be with one another!

this was right after lovers bingo... along with all the "old" people at big cedar.!

of course... we played in the arcade! ha.

boys will be boys

And this was our little sweet one on Valentines! She is the yummiest!