Monday, March 4, 2013

Office Re-Do

I have wanted to do this post for awhile now but just haven't quite had the time... imagine that. So when I was pregnant we decided to do some cleansing and purging of a lot of things or at least what felt like a lot of things. So in our house, downstairs we have a room that is supposed to be a dining room, but when we moved in we knew it would never get used. We knew that from our previous house and we never used it. So we decided an office would better fit our needs. Well clearly that became a "catch all" room for all of our extra stuff. Knowing Maren was arriving soon, we decided to clean it out and make it a playroom/ extra bedroom kind of space because our living room is very small and doesn't have the space to store all of the toys/swings/seats, etc. I thought it would be perfect so that way we didn't lose any more sleep space for guests as well.

This is what the room looked like before... and it was in the middle of being cleaned out.
I sold all of it.

And After!!!

I can assure you that the room does not look like this currently. The bed is filled with her clothes, we have a pack n play still set up in there where she was sleeping and junk everywhere.

My friend Kelly {shek sewing} made these shades for me. She got creative because I didn't want to mount anything on the actual doors. They have worked out well when guests stay.

Now I'm considering selling the amazing daybed that I have in there so we can have more space. The bed takes up most of the room, which leaves no storage for toys and what nots, plus no one ever stays in there since we have an extra bedroom upstairs. I'm also thinking about getting a small desk so when I work from home I could have a little space to be at. Right now I sit at our kitchen table and I hate having office stuff out everywhere.

This space will be great for when she gets older and it can actually fully be a playroom... well until or if another baby comes along...

Thoughts on this?


Ashley said...

Looks awesome! I can't eleve you sold all tht stuff! I love the curtains and especially the blinds!! Great job!!

Linds said...

love love love the chevron shades!

Denise Rose said...

Hello! I am trying to make some french door coverings for my daughter's nursery (also a previous study) and wondered if the ones your friend made pull up and down or how to you raise and lower them? My daughter's nursery will need something on the doors to keep out light as good as possible and they don't want to drill into their doors. Any more information on these will be appreciated!

Holly said...

The room is so precious! We miss y'all and need to see y'all soon!!! Text me if you decide to sell the daybed