Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day in the life of Marc

In College, Marc loved to have "Marc Days." I did not really understand what "Marc days" were, but I knew that he loved and cherished them. I quickly learned that these days consisted of him in the woods ALL day, ALONE! They are essential for him to stay sane, and for his well being!
Yesterday, Marc would say he has one of the best days of his life (other than meeting me and his wedding day :). He headed out to the woods around 5:30am and took with him some essentials- a tree stand, bow, mat, food, bible, and books! That was all he needed. I was so happy he was able to have this day! He then calls me at 7pm while I am driving back from LR and in a whispering voice tells me he just shot at a "large" deer. He said his heart was still pounding and still shaking. (If any have killed a deer, you know what I am talking about!)
Then he proceeds to tell me that he had to make a long shot with the bow, which means it had run off and he would have to go trail it. His good friend Andrew comes out there to help him look for it for a couple of hours, and NO deer. At this point he is devasted and just hoping to find it in the daylight. Please keep in mind, the boy has never left the woods without a deer that he has shot at, and he has never wounded a deer. So this was a big deal for him to find it! The next morning comes, and he goes and looks for it for 2 more hours, and still NO deer. Now he is just sick to his stomach. After work, he gets 2 more of his friends to go help him look. Just as they were heading out of the woods, and by divine intervention (and seriously there was prayer over finding this deer) Marc stumbles upon some thick brush on the way out of the woods and sees the deer. It was still alive, but could not get up. So Marc had to shoot it again and thankfully put it out of its misery. Come to Marc's surprise, the deer was not quite as large as he had anticipated, but was relieved to have found the deer (as was I)!
All that to say, Marc had a GREAT Marc day yesterday!