Wednesday, October 29, 2008

99 Balloons

I know several people have already seen this video and heard the story, but I decided to post a link just in case you have never seen it. It is such a beautiful story about faith, hope, love and dedication.
This sweet couple, Matt and Ginny Mooney are from Fayetteville, AR. They lost their son a couple of years ago (2 yrs from this Monday to be exact, which is Ginny's Birthday) to Trisomy 18. Matt is now a community pastor at Fellowship Bible church NWA, which is where I work. They just had their second child a couple of weeks ago and she is precious and perfectly healthy. They have truly made an impact in so many peoples lives around our community and all over the world.

I feel like this story really opened my eyes to how I would rely on God in such a tragedy, or would I just just become angry? It really made me think hard about if I could have joy in a time like that. They are such an inspiration to me and so many others! Eliot’s fingers may have been small, but they have sure made a large fingerprint for Christ across the globe.

They were on Oprah on Tuesday, October 28th. Their story was shared with millions of people. They felt that sharing his story was honoring to God and to Eliot. I'm thankful that they are so open to share their life.

You can watch clips and see pictures from the Oprah show if you click the link below:

They will also be on Oprah Live this Friday, 10/31 with their new Baby, Hazel! So watch and you can see their new little blessing!

Matt and Ginny also created a blog for him. It is called "Eliot." You can find it under my "Blog List" on the right hand side of my blog. They have also started a new blog, it is under "Matt and Ginny."

My prayer is that the world can see where their faith and hope truly comes from!