Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fellowship Little Rock

While I was home this past weekend, I was able to attend FBC of Little Rock. They have just moved to a new, massive building (a little on the ridiculous side), but it was my first time to go in a long time.
The service was amazing. The new FSM pastor, Brandon Barnard spoke to all the venues. I had never heard him speak, but he was incredible. He definitely brought the word and I really appreciated that. He spoke on Acts 3. The main question that he asked that convicted me was "Are you giving Jesus to anyone?" He then stated some of the reasons we might not be sharing Jesus. Which were, are we being leashed by our fears, busyness, or numbness? I think so often these days, when people ask us how we are, our immediate response is "Hi, I'm busy!" I see so many families being torn apart due to them purposely staying busy. It was a great refresher and reminder to be mindful to share Jesus! That could be by meeting the needs of others physically and emotionally.
Anyways it was a great message! If you are into listening to sermons, this one was wonderful. Yo can listen to it at


Del Sloneker said...

It was great wasn't it! I can't believe that you were in LR. I wish that I could have at least given you a big hug and said Hi! I hope you had a great weekend with your family! Love you guys!

Del Sloneker said...

Just to let you's Chelsea (not Del) that wrote that comment! Ha ha ha...that would be kinda creepy if Del would have said those things! :)