Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend in LR

This weekend I was able to go to Little Rock. I went for a wedding and to spend time with my family. It had been almost 3 months since I had been "home." {which is a record for me}! It was great to see my family. I was also able to see my grandparents, who I haven't seen in forever and they are in super bad health. For the first time, my mom had to re-introduce me to my grandfather. We had to explain to him why I was there and where I lived. That was interesting and heartbreaking. I know my mom has already experienced situations much worse, but wow that is hard to swallow. Oh I forgot to add, he has Alzheimer's.
Then on Saturday night I got a call saying my grandmother had fallen and was rushed to the hospital. She busted up her face pretty good, but thankfully nothing was broken. BUT, while they did a ct scan, they did find a tumor on her brain. They were pretty confident that it was benign, but it really explains a lot as to why it seems she has been losing her mind.
All that to say, my mother has been an absolutely amazing daughter to them. She takes such great care of them, takes them to many, many Dr. apts and is always there for them. She truly serves them with her time. She also helps them a ton with their business that they own.
She does so much more that goes unnoticed. I just hope that I will be that great of a daughter when the time comes. She inspires me to be a better person!