Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun in OKC!

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to visit Liz in OKC. It has been so wonderful that she has been working in Tulsa and OKC. It is way closer than D.C.! I have really tried to maximize my time with her while she has been working closer to here. I only have until the election though, which is sad, but I think we are definitely making the most of her closeness!
I was thrilled, on Friday night I was able to go pick her up at the airport while she had been flying with the senator all day. She has worked for Senator Jim Inhofe for the past 2 1/2 years now. After two trips to D.C., I still had not met him. BUT, on Friday I got to meet this wonderful Senator I had been hearing about for so long! We were briefly introduced as he was exiting the plane. Then he felt the urge to throw me a t-shirt that he had in his hands. I was thinking "yay, I love t-shirts!" After Liz and I had got in the car I looked at it, and was like LIZ, have you seen what this t-shirt says? She said No. I said it is AMAZING!

See what I mean- I LOVE it! Liz and Ra were super jealous!

At the airport.

The next day Rachael came to meet us in OKC, which was soo fun too! We all 3 had not been together since who knows when. We had a yummy, and I mean delicious lunch at this hamburger joint called Sid's. (and oh how I wish I had a picture of this food we ate). We had onion rings, fries, and fried pickles to go with our yummy burgers! It was amazing!
Later that night we went to an area called Bricktown, which was really cool. Ra and I really were excited about the sights we were seeing. We walked around, went to a movie, and had dessert at the Melting Pot!

We love sonic!

Liz playing the water

Ra lovin on some man

On Sunday we went to the OU Campus, which is absolutely gorgeous (which I hate to admit), but it really was awesome. We also had a great lunch there called Louie's and shopped around at some of the cute boutiques.

We absolutely had a blast and can't wait to do it again. It was such a fun and refreshing weekend!

Beautiful Pi Phi house

Thank you Liz for showing us around and thank you to mama Joyce for housing us and introducing us to Sid's!!