Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Won a Bet"

"Wanna bet" or "Won a Bet"? Either way, I did both!

Last weekend we were able to go down to Hot springs and go to the Horse races at Oaklawn! We got to go with the Hartnesses and Martins! It was a little cold, but that didn't matter much because were cozy inside, in a box! (thanks to my dad!)

I have grown up going to Oaklawn. My parents would take me at least once a year and let me pick out some horsies! It is such a blast!

My dad was the big winner of this trip! He hit almost every race! On one of the races right before it started he brought me a ticket and said, "here is your winning ticket!" Sure enough I made 60 bucks! It was so exciting.

View of the track.

me, Leah, and Kara

Our big WIN!

The whole gang! minus two

We then of course finished our fun day with a wonderful meal from McClards BBQ. Its very famous in Hot Springs. If you have never been, you should definitely go! Very Yummy!