Friday, March 13, 2009


So last night Marc and I ventured out to find a steak for me! I was REALLY craving one due to the fact I have been eating so much salad and chicken lately! SO we decided on going to the local meat market, which of course is Richards, where else- right? We got there at approximately 6:36 p.m. and they closed at 6! Darn we said, so off to find a restaurant we went. As were driving down college we saw "Savor" which is a new restaurant that just went in to replace Cool Water. We had heard some good things about it at our community group the night before so we decided to give it try! And boy am I glad- It was amazing! I mean definitely in my top 3 now! 1. being Theos and 2. Noodles of course!
The decor is so innovative and contemporary. They also have live music and a really cool lounge area! Great place for a Birthday!
So back to my steak, umm did I find one, OH MY- It was amazing. Marc and I shared the aged for 14 days, bone-in rib-eye! WOW is all we both had to say afterwords. I won't even start on the sides- amazing as well! The presentation was lovely as well. All I have to say is I will be back, its definitely a little pricey, but worth the treat every now and then!

Here is an article I found from Citiscapes on it, sorry I couldn't find any pictures!

If you ever have a question about a NWA restaurant just ask me because I love food and I love trying new places! And I definitely have a top 10 list, but I will save that for another time!

Have a Happy Friday! If you are looking for a fun date night place, go to Savor!

p.s- No one paid me to write this!


Boonies in the Boonies said...

I think my mouth just squirted reading this ... I'm now having a major steak craving!