Monday, November 9, 2009

My Ironman

My sweet, ironman of a hubby surprised me the other day with this really cool ironman watch!

What makes this watch so special is that . 1- mine is orange. 2- It can control your ipod while you are running (or in my case walking)! 3- water resistant and very sporty 4- my hubby surprised me with one!
This would be a great option for a Christmas present for someone. Marc found mine on , which are one-day deals, but they are also available at Target,, and I'm sure other places that sell watches.
It comes with a small connector that plugs into the bottom of your ipod which makes it connect with the watch. I was very impressed! I'm a sucker for electronic devices... and yes I know I'm a dork. I was able to work a vcr when I was 3.
Anyways, just a fun option for a fun gift!

Here are some specific features on it! (If you really care.)

Keep Your Sports Training Focused with this Sports Watch
Resin Band ; Buckle Closure
Indiglo Night-Light
Features 50-Lap Memory, 2 Interval Timers and 3 Alarms
Battery Powered
Water-Resistant to 100 Meters
Resin Case
Band Length: 205mm

Just thought I would pass this along!
I Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Mary Virginia said...

So cute! Way to go, Marc!