Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad habits: Take 2

So as my finger got better yesterday, I wanted to see if  my ring would go on (side note- I was very concerned with it never fitting again). I put it on at 8pm and then tried to take it off at 11pm. Well the good news is it did go on pretty smoothly but did come off quite as easy. As I tried to take it off, it wasn't budging. Apparently the infection wasn't gone in my finger and it had been swelling the whole time it was on for those 3 hours.

I tried lotion, olive oil, prep h, etc I pulled and yanked. Then I iced it for awhile to get the swelling down. Marc googled home remedies of how to remove a tight ring and everyone said to try windex and that it usually works. So as our last resort, we poured some windex on it and he yanked and pulled while I screamed. We got really close, but it just wasn't going to budge. Then the MAJOR swelling happened. It was terrible. I was beginning to panic and cry majorly. I didn't know what the heck I was going to do. We really did not want to go to the e.r. or have to have it cut, but we were very concerned with it swelling through the night and it cutting off my circulation. I really did not want to lose my finger.



About 1am we headed to the e.r and they had to cut. I didn't even care, I just wanted it off my finger.
This picture is so so sad to me.

They then sent us back to the waiting room to wait to see the doctor for the infection. After waiting about an hour, we decided to go home and get some sleep because no one was being called back. It was also storming terribly bad which made the power go out and they were running on a generator. I went to sleep around 4 and got up this morning and went to a clinic and got some antibiotic for the nasty, evil infection.

So there you have it. This girl will no longer be picking her cuticles. One bad habit down, 2 more to go.


Linds said...

oh, that's so sad. hope your finger gets better soon!

ps-- if you need your stones reset, I definitely recommend Blakeman's in Rogers. They reset my diamond in a new setting after we got engaged (long story... Drew had to get a temporary setting due to a mistake at the jewelers in LR).

The Slonekers said...

MICHELLE!!!!!!!! I can't believe this!! The picture of your rings cut makes me really sad...but I'm really glad they were able to get them off. I hope your finger gets better soon!

Lindsay said...

Oh no! You had to cut your rings off! oh my goodness, I bite my cuticles too... I'm definitely gonna watch myself . Oh man, what are you gonna do about your ring?

Lauren Lashlee said...

Oh my gosh... that's awful!!! I hate that they had to cut it off! I guess better that than your finger... hope the infection is gone and your finger is feeling better!!