Friday, July 30, 2010

Silly Shenanigans

This past weekend while we are at the lake, and our good friend Ben fell asleep in the recliner. We were all playing cards and then his wife and I decided that something for sure should happen to him. We first tried to wave a big fatty piece of meat in front of his nose and that did nothing. He didn't even flinch. Second, we told everyone to scream on 3.

and this is what happened.....the most AMAZING response ever!

You should watch it again, I think it becomes more funny the more you watch!

I peed my pants a little for sure. Sorry for the terrible shaking, but I could not control my laughing. Louise obviously couldn't either! This seriously made my weekend and I still watch it and laugh!
Hope you enjoyed!


Emily Richardson said...

Pretty sure Louise made the video:)! Thanks for the laugh!

Mary Virginia said...

Amazing! Was that Ben that let out the loud scream?!

Mindy said...

ok, I just watched this with Lyla, and she started DYING belly laugh. And now she won't stop screaming like Louise! haha!