Thursday, July 8, 2010

My 2010 Summer Faves!

My top 10 faves for this summer!

1. 59 cent 32oz diet cokes from kum and go. Amazing!

2. FaveReds starburst (random but oh so yummy)

3. sno cones, duh. (shave the planet if your in fayetteville)

4. The lake

5. Playing tennis with Marc at nights

6. Grilling out with friends

7. Del Monte fruit chillers ( a yummy fruity frozen treat and a better option than ice cream)

8. Laying out and being tan

9. sweet potatoes- roasted, baked, mashed and any kind (new addiction)

10. Going to the drive in!

What are some of your favorites for this summer that I might be missing out on?


ty said...

LOVE the sweet potatoes!! And is the Kum and Go in Springdale? I can remember seeing a billboard for them, but haven't ever stopped!