Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bid Day 2010

This past week my sister has been going through rush or now known as formal recruitment. This week as many know is very stressful. It was no different for my sis. This past Saturday was Bid Day at the U of A. I went through rush 8 years ago and felt just as excited for Meg. I was a pi phi, but wanted Meg to be whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, so many girls were going through she didn't have much of choice because she was a legacy to pi phi. The outcome could have not been any better.

Greek Theater with girls waiting on their bids


pi phi Angels

I may or may not have teared up a little when I saw her. Pure Joy.

my little legacy

so happy!!!

baby angels

best friends and now pi phi sisters!

I have waited 8 years for this!

Happy mom and sis

Congrats to my sis. The reason I'm overjoyed for her is because I had such a wonderful experience. I made some of my lifelong friends that I would have otherwise not met. I deepened my relationship with acquaintances and other friends. It was such a fun time and I would love to go back any day.

Here's a flashback


Mary Virginia said...

LOVE the pictures! LOVE that we were Pi Phis together! And, LOVE Megan is a Baby Angel! Such an exciting time!

kate said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you two! :) And I heard about the CRAZY pledge class sizes. My goodness!

ty said...

soooo so so excited!! I love to hear about our pretty new baby angels :) ttf!