Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Adventurous Trip

The last weekend we headed to the lake. This recent trip to the lake proved to be definitely the most adventurous.
For starters, we stopped in Alma to eat at the Red Rooster bistro. This place is one of my faves. They have  amazing homemade bread called rooster bread and yummy homemade pies that are to die for. While in line to pay for our meal, a man drops a freaking gun out of his shorts. Like it just fell to the ground. Thankfully it did not go off, but if it had we would have been toast. Like seriously, who does that?
Secondly, we had to stop for gas. While we were at the gas station,  Marc decided to go get some lottery tickets since it was my birthday and all. He got one for everyone and I think we won $3. Then Ben, (you know the guy in the video I posted about a few days ago) he came to the car with 3 more lottery tickets. Kara, Louise an I started scratching them off. Mine said if you get 3 matching #'s you're a winner. Well mine had 3 $20,000 on it so I began freaking out just as anyone else would have. I ran it inside to see if it was really a winning ticket. (the whole time thinking there has to be a catch)! Well there was, Ben had given me a FAKE ticket. It was hilarious and they were all dying laughing. It really was a great joke and the perfect time to break it out. Unfortunately, the joke was on me. Nonetheless it was hilarious.
Next thing I know we are getting on the interstate and the boys were ahead of us in Matt's truck. They had pulled over to pick up a hitch-hiker. Us girls in the other car were a little nervous since we had just seen a gun and all. It turned out to be fine. The guy was actually a believer and they all had a great conversation  him. They then drove him all the way to Conway, took him to walmart (got him a tent and other useful supplies), got him food and a hotel room. It was a great experience for all. (Thankfully!)
We finally made it to the lake later and had a great, restful weekend.

Well it's not over yet. On our return home we were driving some back roads suddenly saw a car flipped over on the side in a ditch. (we did not actually see the wreck happen.) We were the first to arrive at the scene. So we all ran over there and then Marc called 911. The guy was fine but very intoxicated and maybe even a little high. Who knows. He was definitely an interesting guy. He said to Matt, "Just go ahead and flip me back over and I will be on my way." While waiting for help to arrive and while he was still "stuck" in his car he popped open a beer right then and there. I mean, wowzers.

Here are some pics.


Ironic much?
A .357 is a gun. Pretty sure we saw this right after Marc dialed 911. Ha!

Just a few bumps and bruises and Angel was on his way.
Yes, Angel was his name.

The end.


Vicki and Don said...

Sounds like you had a *very* interesting weekend! Glad that it all turned out "safe"! I would have been freaking out about the lottery ticket too! :-)

Toni Tralala said...

Talk about an eventful weekend! That was quite an adventure, indeed. :) I'm glad that an "Angel" came!

Toni Tralala said...

Talk about an eventful weekend! That was quite an adventure, indeed. :) I'm glad that an "Angel" came!