Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Special Tree

This special tree is one of my most prized possessions that I have in my house. It is definitely my favorite Christmas decoration that I have.
My grandfather hand made this many, many years ago. It is made from my grandmothers jewelry. Lots of her jewelry came from overseas from when he was in the war. Each piece is so unique and vintage. This is the only thing I have left from them. My grandfather passed away when I was 3 and my grandmother passed away when I was in 3rd grade. I was very close to them as was my father. The awesome thing is, he made 2, so my parents have one as well. I'm so thankful to have this special heirloom so we can think about them during the Holiday season.


kate said...

That's beautiful!! We hope to see you soon. Maybe you can come up this way again and go ice skating or something!

Lindsay said...

Michelle, I love this. I remember playing at your grandmas house with you all the time. What a awesome Christmas treasure to have in your house.

Elizabeth French Cooper said...

That's such a neat treasure. I love it!