Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tour

So this is what my house looks like for Christmas. Unfortunately, we are never home to enjoy it or to do any entertaining, but at least it is done!

The mantle

 Table... I love orange way too much.

 Pottery Barn reindeer plates...I have a slight obsession with plates!

 Wollow Tree Nativity is one of my favorite things. I started collecting it when we got married and my MiL helped complte it for me. I love it.

My tree!
My mom taught me all i know about decorating.
Merry Christmas!


kristin said...

love it! my mom just bought me two sets from the willow tree nativity, ive been wanting one but she had no idea, she was just out and bought one for me, I was SO suprised! it's such a joy to look at and just makes me smile.

I am your newest follower :)