Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with a mission...Party

We had Marc's work Christmas party last week and it was such a blast. Their annual Christmas party is called, "Christmas with a Mission" because they invite all their ministry partners to come. Marc's company graciously supports several missionaries and local organizations. They give out presents to only the ministry partners and make it super fun for them. Here are few pics from this years party. This was our 5th one to attend. They had a "big band" and a swing dance instructor. 

 the office was decorated gorgeous!

 missionaries getting their gifts... they had to do a dance off to get a gift

It was a blast. Unfortunately, I don't love dancing and Marc does. I tried it for about a second, but after missing the first 3 steps, I opted out of learning the rest. Oh well, sorry honey, maybe next time.

Hope you all are having a blast at all of your Holiday parties! I know we have been.