Sunday, January 15, 2012


4 is the number of babies my best friend is having. 4 is the number of children she always wanted. Thats right, my college roommate, my maid of honor, and one of my dearest BFF's is having quads! We had been on the infertility journey for the past couple of years together until she did her first iui right before thanksgiving. I was so happy to know that it had worked, but little did I know how well it had worked. She had called me thinking that it would probably not work the first time, but I was praying for a different outcome! I swear I didn't pray for 4 Mare ;). Joking aside, this is such a true miracle! There was a less than 1% chance of this ever happening and about a 15% chance of it working in general. The doctor was in complete shock and cried when he told them. Mare and her husband Reid have been handling this news like a champ! I love how God is using their story and their response is such a testimony to that. She knows that this is meant to be and she will make one heck of a mother. We actually used to call her "mother mare" in high school, so now that is more fitting than ever. Pray for them and their 4 sweet little miacles growing in her.
You can keep up with her journey at:

A look back over the past few years of us!

 my personal fave. :)

Congrats Mare! Can't wait to meet those precious babies!


GreenGirl said...

One of my best friends found out on thanksgiving she is expecting as well. She goes to have her first us tomorrow. I know my time will come as will yours !

Anonymous said...

You are a great friend for finding joy in your friend's miracle. You don't know me but I pray for you often! It will happen one day, I just know it!

Mary Virginia said...

Such a sweet post. Love you so much and I'm so thankful for how God is using YOU! I can't wait for my kids to know just how special their "Aunt Chelle" is! Love you so much!