Monday, January 23, 2012

Crystal Bridges

This past Saturday we headed to to the new, local art museum in Northwest Arkansas with some of our friends. I seriously cannot believe this is so close to us. It is a beautiful art museum with gorgeous sculptures, prints, and architecture. I have only been to a few museums in my life, some in D.C. and one in Chicago, and this one really did impress me. I couldn't believe it! If you are ever in the Northwest Arkansas area, you should definitely make it a point to go visit this place. Plus it is free to get in thanks to Alice Walton and Walmart.

Fun Sculptures!

Josh and Marc acting like kids! 
And we had lunch at the cafe called, Eleven.

Aubs, sheppy and marc!

Night view

Pic Found from google images.

The museum has been on the top 10 list for trip advisor, been talked about on forbes and the NY Times! So look at small town AR becoming a big deal! I'm so proud, and it even has nothing to do with the Razorbacks! I can't wait to go back in the spring because they have beautiful trails with dogwoods and tulip trees planted all around and it will be breathtaking!

Side Note:
I took all those photos above (minus the night view pic) with my iphone using the "PicFrame" App. It is my new favorite app. Once you arrange your pics you can then upload it to instagram and put filters on the collage. I think it cost $1 or $2, but I have used it a ton so far! Just in case you were looking for a new, fun App!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.