Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Timeline

For some reason I haven't ever done a timeline on here. This was a year to not forget, so I decided I better write it down for us to remember someday. Some of you may not know all the terms, but you can look them up.

Here is our timeline to becoming parents so far:

March 2010- get off BC
April-Dec 2010- TTC- Nothing but finding out all of our friends were pregnant.
Jan 2011- get diagnosed w/ PCOS
Feb 2011- start 50mg clomid
Marc 2011- HSG (a small procedure)-tubes were all clear
April 2011- clomid w/ HCG trigger shot
May 2011- clomid, HCG, and 1st failed IUI
June 2011- clomid, HCG, and 2nd failed IUI
July 2011- clomid, HCG, and 3rd failed IUI
Aug 2011clomid, HCG, and 4th failed IUI
Sept 2011- Decide to move on to IVF. Started BC.
Oct 2011- injections of Lupron & follistem, estrogen patches, progesterone injections. Retreived 8 eggs. Made 5 embryos.
Nov 2011- Transferred 1 embryo, lost 1 other one. Froze the other 3. 2 weeks later found out that it had failed.
Dec 2011- Took a much needed break... Praise Jesus.
Jan 2011- Still enjoying the much needed break of not feeling crazy. my body is thanking me and I'm thanking it.

We are quickly approaching our 2 year mark which is crazy to me. Looking at all of that is so surreal. All I know is time flies when you are trying to make a baby. I also know that looking at this is exhausting in which I have felt every bit of that. I'm definitely thankful all of that is over with and I'm also looking forward to whatever the future holds. My new thing for this year is not to plan ahead. So far I haven't thought past the next transfer. I'm leaving it up to the big guy. No more planning or controlling. It is completely out of our hands at this point. We have learned so much through everything and have grown more than we ever thought we could in a year.


kate said...

I was so happy to get to see your face today. Please know that I'm always thinking of you and praying for you.

Ashley said...

I have yet to make a timeline too... I suppose putting it off isn't going to make it non-existant...

Good plan for the new year!

waiting and wishing said...

It is a lot, believe me, I GET that! I think you are doing the right thing by not planning too far ahead. You'll know what is right, when it is right. Thinking of you, and praying for you as you continue on this journey.

Mallory said...

Found out that I have PCOS in Feb. '11. Devasted..butttt, we're trucking on through. I was curious if you had any symptoms of PCOS. I didn't! :( It sucks I know!! My doctor also said that since my husband checked out all clear we probably wouldn't ever do an's interesting to see what others do. Email anytime, or add on facebook (Mallory Thompson) if you want to talk!

Carrie said...

We were approaching the 2 1/2 year mark when I found out I was pregnant. When you look back at your timeline, it just doesn't seem fair. Especially when everyone around you seems to get pregnant somewhat least that's how I felt. We then decided to take a break from fertility treatments and...found out I was pregnant...the old fashioned way! A lot of people told me "Just take a break, don't think about it and it will happen." I wanted to strangle those people because it was so much easier said than done. I think I got pregnant not because we were on a break, but because it was God's plan for me. At some point you just have to learn to let go and give it to Him. It sounds like you've made that choice now. You will feel so much better and at peace now!!!! Don't give up hope. God has a plan for that!!!