Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No longer a teenager

My sweet, baby sis just turned 20 a few days ago...
Umm hello, what? Where has the time gone. I just had her bassinet beside my bed pretending like she was my very own baby doll. This just cannot be real. How did she turn into an adult? I take partial responsibility for her. As in I helped raise her, name her, taught her numbers, letters and taught her wonderful morals, and so on ;). Kidding, Kind of! Because we are 7.5 years apart, I did in some ways become a second mom to her. I loved every minute of it as I'm sure she did not enjoy one moment of it. So as she is finishing her second year of college and thinking about a career and all of that fun adult stuff, I hope she will enjoy the next fun years of when life is simple and fun! I know this is a "mom-ish" post, but I really am so proud of her. She has the kindest heart and would do anything for me or anyone else. I have loved every second of her being in Fayetteville with me and never want her to leave! Ever.

My grandmother even got to make a trip to NWA for her b-day! This was only the 2nd time she has ever been to my house. It was so special. 3 generations!

Happy 20th Meg!

You can look back at her birthday post from last year here: