Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 week update and a bump

On Monday we got to see the little nugget. It was amazing. My parents were actually in town and so they got to come in and see the sonogram. They all stood in amazement while we watched the little one flip around, move its mouth and arms. I was amazed at the growth in just over 2 weeks. I could not believe how active he/she was. I was also so thankful at that precious sight. I just can't get over God's sweet blessing to us. I'm overwhelmed with joy and gratitude right now.
I have so much to write about but have a hard time settling my thoughts enough to get it all out. But at some point I will get it all out.

For now, here is that precious baby. The heart rate was 167. He/she is just chillaxing. 
Looks like they are laying in a hammock.

This one is kind of blurry, but he/she is laying face down and you can kind of see the spine. We are sure hoping they get Marc's spine and not mine ;). Scoliosis is hereditary, so we are praying against that.

And the bump is here in all of its glory. I haven't quite been ready to embrace this mainly because I feel/look like a chunk instead of a preggo person. I feel like it popped out super early, but that may also have something to do w/ my back, height and wanting to see a baby bump for forever. Who knows, its here and I'm looking forward to it growing and embracing it.

And the baby got an Easter basket from Nana Jan... the out-of-controlness has already begun.

We don't go back to the regular OB for 3 more weeks, which I'm sure will feel like forever. I doubt we will get to find out the gender then, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Maybe we can get an early peek!
In other news, yesterday I got released from the fertility doctor. WHAATT, I'm now just a regular OB patient? That does not seem possible, so I sent like 3 emails double checking. I just feel like we've had this ongoing relationship that I was not prepared to say bye to. I feel so close to the nurse practitioner b/c I would bother her with emails almost daily. She laughed and said everything was good to go and to send a pic when the baby got here. So I'm officially done with progesterone and estrogen patches! Apparently my placenta does the job from here. Praising Him for this journey so far.


E said...

That is awesome! So cute. Babies are truly a miracle and gift from Jesus, for sure! They grow so fast.

emily said...

What a cute little bump! So happy for you two!!

Joys Truly said...

Your bump is cute. And congrats on graduation from the RE! It's weird I will say (I got released at 8 weeks) but your baby is doing great so no worries needed. :)

Vicki and Don said...

LOL Just wait until your mom finds out if the baby is a girl or a boy! For some reason I think this baby might be a wee bit spoiled! :-) What do you think? I'm so excited for ALL of you! :-) **Love to see the bump!**